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Denice Despain

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Mrs. Despain (formally known as Miss Brown) has been teaching at Foothills since the doors open in 2003. This is her 20th year teaching, which has primarily been in the grade she loves the most; 4th grade. Mrs. Despain is a dedicated teacher, who believes in teaching the whole child. Besides academics, she teaches her students to be respectful, responsible, accountable, honest and kind. Mrs. Despain earned her associates at Dixie, her bachelors of arts at Utah State University and her master’s degree at the University of Utah. Outside of school, Mrs. Despain enjoys spending time with her family, doing things such as, playing games, hosting barbeques and parties, hiking, camping and just spending time outdoors. She also loves reading, doing crafts, cooking, shopping, working in her yard and decorating her house. In addition to loving kids and her family, Mrs. Despain loves animals. She has two dogs and one bird, whose names are frequently used in “exciting” story problems.