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Kevan Haslam

Photo of Kevan Haslam


Kevan Haslam was born in Salt Lake City, Utah.  He currently lives in Vineyard, a brand new town on the east side of Utah Lake. Kevan has also lived in Idaho, New Jersey, and Washington.  The most important thing in his life is his two daughters and his son that was born in January of 2017. Despite Kevan graduating, twice, from BYU, he loves Notre Dame Football. When he is not rooting for his beloved Notre Dame and cursing BYU, he is collecting sports memorabilia, traveling and enjoying his little family. After Kevan graduated from College he entered the business world. After over a decade in the corporate world, he found that it brought him no fulfillment so he went back to BYU to get a teaching certificate.  Kevan has spent his teaching career teaching in Alpine and Jordan School Districts.  Foothills Elementary has been such a great fit for him. He has enjoyed the fulfillment of watching children grow and learn.  He is so excited for the coming year!