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Leanne Heagren

Teacher (B Track)
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Mrs. Heagren has been teaching for 36 years in grades 4, 5, 6. She graduated from BYU with her Bachelor’s degree and received her Master’s degree in Curriculum and Technology: Instructional Technology from Grand Canyon University. She has earned her math and ESL endorsement. Her favorite subjects as a child were all of them, but she especially loved math, PE/dance/music and student government. She loves to read all kinds of books and love to learn new things. To relax, she loves to cook and bake. Because she is a good cook, she also like to exercise and stay active. She is a big Yankees baseball fan and with her family, they have been to many professional games around the country. She enjoys her 3 boys and their wives. She especially enjoy her 3 grandsons. By the time September comes she will have 3 new granddaughters too.