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Foothills Elementary School is located in Riverton, Utah.  Our mission is to prepare all students for the future by providing an optimal learning experience and encouraging students to reach their highest potential in a safe environment.

General Information:

  • Foothills Elementary currently has about 925 students enrolled in Kindergarten through sixth grade. We expect our numbers to stabilize as the potential for new housing within our boundaries has decreased significantly.
  • The school features self-contained classrooms with exterior windows and interior hall skylights. A media center, multipurpose center, cafeteria, stage and an up-to-date computer lab complete this modern, attractive facility.
  • Foothills Elementary is a traditional school.  Most students live within walking distance of the school.
  • The teacher/pupil ration is 1 to 22 in Kindergarten, 1 to 22 in grades 1 – 3 and 1 to 26 in grades 4 – 6. Actual class sizes may vary.
  • A delicious, nutritious lunch is prepared in our kitchen daily. Breakfast is also served from 7:50 a.m. to 8:20 a.m.
  • Chinese Immersion is offered to students at Foothills Elementary. Students enrolled in the program receive instruction for half of the day in Chinese and half of the day in English. The whole school will be learning about Chinese culture and traditions with the hope of graduating children from our school with a more global education and experience. Kindergarten families are welcome to apply to the program each year in January for the following school year.

Staff and Students:

  • Foothills Elementary staff includes 42 certified teachers and specialists. In addition 50 classified employees serve in various other capacities.
  • All certified staff hold current teaching certificates with several teachers having earned advanced degrees and educational endorsements beyond the regular teaching certificate.
  • The Utah State Board of Education may grant an educator one of the following education licenses:
    1. Professional Educator License – a license issued to an individual who has demonstrated all of the State established competencies to be an educator.
    2. Associate Educator License – a license issued to an individual who has met a minimum set of educator requirements and is completing all professional educator requirements to receive a Professional Educator License.
    3. Local Education Agency (LEA)-specific Educator License – a license issued to an individual, approved by the local Board of Education, who has met locally defined competencies to be an educator.

    An LEA-specific license area or endorsement may include:

    • Out of State and Internationally licensed educators completing Utah licensing requirements.
    • Educators waiting for university license recommendations.
    • Educators with expired Utah licenses.
    • Educators working towards an Associate license area/endorsement.
    • Career and Technical Education educators completing skills testing.
    • Educators waiting to begin a university licensure program.

    Schools may employ individuals holding LEA-specific Educator Licenses, as well as Professional and Associate Educator Licenses, as outlined below based on the employee’s FTE:

    Location Type Associate LEA Specific Professional
    Foothills Elementary Elementary 4.0% 2.0% 94.0%
  • One full-time and one part-time resource teachers provide Tier II and Tier III interventions for students who are struggling academically. A full-time school psychologist and one speech therapist are also on staff.
  • Teachers participate in Professional Learning Communities to meet individual student needs and collaborate on curriculum and common assessments. Teachers and staff meet the needs of those students that need a challenge by providing enrichment in the classroom, as well as in rotation classes using STEAM activities.
  • All staff members are formally evaluated on a regular basis for the purpose of improving performance. Teachers continually participate in professional development classes to improve instructional skills.
  • The curriculum meets or exceeds all District and state requirements. Teachers utilize Balanced Literacy strategies to teach reading and writing in all subject areas. The Journeys Reading program is used to teach literacy. Math is taught using Math Expressions. Science and Social Studies curriculum are taught using both district and teacher-designed guides and materials using a hands-on approach. Curriculum is individualized and differentiated to meet the individual needs of students.
  • Technology training in the school’s computer lab is available to all students in all grades. Students also have access to several mobile labs of laptop computers. All students in grades 4-6 have access to their own Chromebook.
  • Students learn leadership and communication skills by participating in Student Council and Safety Patrol.

Community Involvement:

  • A School Community Group meets regularly to discuss local school problems, review District and state problems, and make recommendations for action to the principal.
  • The Parent Teacher Association is an active organization at Foothills Elementary. Volunteers spend hundreds of hours annually, assisting teachers and students in the classrooms.
  • Parents and community volunteers are encouraged to participate at Foothills. Volunteers help teachers with clerical tasks and tutoring small groups.
  • Visitors are always welcome at Foothills. It is our goal to provide opportunities for every student and family to give of their time and service to our students, the future leaders of tomorrow.
  • Our school boasts a great faculty and outstanding school spirit. We enjoy parent and community involvement, and student progress in academics and self-discipline is exceptional.