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Student Safety

The students safety and well being is a priority for the staff, faculty and community at Foothills Elementary. Therefore, the following links have been created to inform both the students and parents on the policies and procedures that will best ensure everyone's safety. Please read them regularly and follow the guidelines outlined in each area, thus making everyone's experience at Foothills a safe and happy one.

Playground Safety Rules

  1. Never jump or flip from any equipment.
  2. No contact sports such as tackle football or dodge ball.
  3. No playing on stair rails.
  4. Always play in your designated area.
  5. Do not play near grate.
  6. Avoid mud puddles, ice, and slippery hills.
  7. No playing near doorways and windows.
  8. Snowballing and sliding on hill are not allowed.
  9. No playing inside the school hallways and restrooms.
  10. Treat all supervisors with respect.
  11. Follow all safety rules on swings, slides, and other playground equipment.
  12. Encourage others to play with you.

Drop Off Zone
Deputy Jeff West • Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office

Recommended changes for a safer parent/student "drop-off/pick-up" at Foothills Elementary.

  1. Have only one lane to pull into for drop-off and pick-up adjacent to the curb.   Close off the left, or outside, lane with cones or light barricade to prevent parents from passing stopped cars and pulling into open spaces.   This will also stop double parking for drop-off.   Use the left outside lane for unloaded cars to pull into to exit the lot area.   Parents will need to have more patience, but it may save a child's life or prevent an accident.
  2. Parents NEED to have their kids ready to unload as soon as they get to the load/unload zone to lower delay time.   Do what needs to be done at home (eat breakfast, comb hair, check homework, fill backpacks, give hugs and kisses) not in the load/unload lane.   Many parents are waiting.
  3. Parents need to stay in their cars while dropping off and picking up in the load/unload lane.   Parents who exit their vehicle in the exit lane may cause an accident and delays.   For those younger students needing assistance, older siblings should exit first and then assist, or have parents park in the north lot and walk their kids across to the front sidewalk.
  4. Parents should not allow their kids to exit the vehicle into a travel lane, specifically the left side of the vehicle.   This is extremely hazardous and may lead to a child being hit.
  5. Encourage parents with older students to drop-off and pick-up on Shaggy Peak Dr. west of the school or at the park to the south of the school.   This would decrease some congestion in the north lot.
  6. Encourage parents to leave earlier to drop-off in the morning.   With construction in the general area, delays may occur which may lead parents to be "in a hurry."   This usually leads to an accident.   (It appears that most traffic comes 5 minutes before the bell rings.)
  7. Do not allow parents to backup in the load/unload lane because it is very hard to see what is behind them.   It could be theirs or someone else's child.
  8. Have signs for the Safety Patrol stationed along the load/unload zone that reads "Please pull forward" to encourage parents to fill in the gaps.
  9. Have parents be observant of the Safety Patrol and to follow their directions to SET A GOOD EXAMPLE!   (Cross in the crosswalk and wait until it is safe to cross.)
  10. Many parents are waiting in the unload zone to watch their kid walk into the building.   They need to park in the parking lot if they are going to do this.
  11. Remind parents to use the CROSSWALK.   Too many are not and they are setting a bad example.