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Principal’s Message

February 7, 2018

Dear Foothills Families:

I hope you are enjoying this unusually warm winter weather! This month and next, we will have the opportunity to reflect on the successes of all students as we meet with you as parents to discuss the progress of all students during parent-teacher conferences.  We have seen so much growth in each of the students academically and personally, as we have worked alongside them to help them gain academic skills while building our culture and climate of kindness.  We look forward to seeing you during parent-teacher conferences on February 7-8 for A and B tracks, and March 7-8 for C and D tracks.

Recently I was able to meet with our School Community Council to discuss the progress of student achievement according to our School Land Trust plan.  As a school, we set goals to gain student achievement by 35% in both Language Arts and Math by the end of the year.  Currently, we have already met both of those goals, with students gaining 36% growth in Language Arts and students making 56% growth in Math. Through our School Land Trust plan we have been able to hire more classroom assistants to help students gain reading and math skills, as well as to teach students during rotations while teachers have more time to collaborate and provide interventions to students. We are very happy with the progress that has been made so far this year! I highly believe that it is not only the work of classroom assistants and teachers, but you as parents. We know that we must work as a team in order to help students achieve and grow academically. We appreciate all of the support you provide at home.  We can’t do it without you!

 As you are all aware, we have been striving to promote kindness throughout Foothills. One thing that we have been able to do is give students and staff the opportunity to look for kind acts that they see other students participating in for other students and staff. So far we have had over 1,800 kindness notes submitted! That is 1,800 kindness acts! We have created a Kindness Chain throughout the building. It has already made it halfway around the building! It makes our hearts happy to see the kindness that is spreading throughout the building! We love our students!

 Thank you so much!!


Cherie Wilson, Principal


Foothills Elementary Mission Statement:

Foothills, as a caring community, is committed to preparing students for the future by providing an optimal learning experience; encouraging students to reach their highest potential.